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The only other relatives in Perth that we mixed a lot with were Uncle Si Xanthis and his family, the ones I went and worked for. They lived in Rokeby Road Subiaco. He had a fish shop there all his life. They had living quarters above the fish shop. His wife was Asimina (nee Kannis) and children were Nicholas and Despina. Nicholas married Poppy Aris and Despina married George Malaxos. We were not able to visit often mainly because Subiaco was a long way from Lake Street in those days. We used to visit them about once a month. Uncle Si had a brother Con Xanthis who lived in the Eastern States but I have only met his daughter, who lived near Angela in Sydney.

Simeon (Sios) Xanthis C1930

Photograph courtesy Despina Malaxos

 And from Mrs Despina Malaxos (nee Xanthis)........ My dad never talked about his family or parents. We initially arrived in Australia in 1929 and went to live in Sydney but after a few months we moved across to Perth. My Uncle Con had originally put us up in Sydney. I was aged only two when we arrived in Australia and my brother, Nicholas, was only a few months old. Dad had a fish shop in Subiaco for 35 years. We had a lot to do with both the Karasavas and Xanthis families and we all were very close and helped each other. My Uncle Con Xanthis had a fish shop in Sydney. He was married to Anastasia Tattis.

Dad had four sisters who all went to Queensland to live. The eldest was Asimina who had one son. Flora married John Taiflos and had eight children. Xanthi had four children and I do not know any details of the youngest daughter, Caterina.

Uncle Con in Sydney had three children. Nicholas married Maroula and they had Maria, Con and Anastasia. Despo married Nicholas Taiflos and they had John, Con and Maria. The youngest was Jack (Kyriakos) who never married and died in 1992. Uncle Con’s family all live in Sydney.

My mother talks about other relations ...... Mum had a few other cousins living in Perth. Uncle Lazarus Lazarakis had a fish shop in Swanbourne and they were there for some years. His wife was Phyllis Papastatis and children Catina, Michael and Ted. The children went to Swanbourne Primary School with your dad. Ted died quite young. Mick married the girl Persephone Delaveris. Uncle Lazarus then went to Kalgoorlie, he took the whole family there. They were in the fruit business and lived there for a long time.

Nicholas Lazarakis, Lazarus’ brother, came out on the same ship to Australia with us. He married Irene Boyatsis, they did not have any children. Nick was a jack of all trades, he worked up North and down South at the tobacco plantations, where my father worked. Uncle Nick was a very, very likeable person. In later years Nick lived in Lake Street, but not when I was little.

Ted married an Australian girl, Beverley. He was also in the fruit business with his brother Mick. When Mick retired Ted opened a business up in Nollamara with his sons. Catina married Mick Geronimos, he was a carpenter by trade, a cabinet maker. They lived in Geraldton.

The only other family related to my mother in Perth were the Mallis family. I am not positive about the relationship but I think my grandmother, Maria Komninos (later Xanthis) had a sister Chrysaffina who married a Mallis. Chrissy Panos has told you more about how our families are related.

 Further details from Mrs Christina Panos (nee Kakulas) regarding her family in Perth .........My father, Angelo Kakulas, and my brother, Steve, came to Perth in 1923. My mother, Mick, George and myself came out in 1926. My sister Nina was born in Fremantle in 1927. Steve married Evangelia Pitsonis, Mick married Despo Gabriel, George married Catina Karageorge, I married Leffy Panos and Chrysaffina (Nina) married Stan Stamatiou. All the family married Castellorizians.

 Back to my mother ...... On my father’s side we had the Tsolakis family which Thea Marou Georgis and cousin Mick Tsolakis can supply information on. We also have the Galettis and Agapitos families who settled in Sydney and Perth.

Uncle Mihalis Agapitos went to Sydney to live with his family. He had three sons, Spiros, Alexander and Malaxos. Spiro, known as Ross, married Evelyn Kofos, a WA girl. They lived in Perth for quite a few years although they married in Sydney. Ross was doing acting for a while, he was a film star in those days. Then he had a fruit shop, and came over here and opened a night club, the Acropolis, in Murray Street. They had children, Michael, Rose and Anita. Later Ross opened a supermarket on Wanneroo Road. They went back to Sydney, but when he took sick they returned to Perth. Uncle Mihalis was already retired when he came to Australia. The second son, Alexander, was an expert violin player, a marvellous violinist. I met them every time I went over to Sydney, but that was only a handful of times. I know nothing about the third son, Malaxos.

Wedding Spiros (Ross) Agapitos to Evangelia Kofos Sydney New South Wales

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Photograph courtesy Michael Agapitos

And from Cousin Michael Agapitos........My uncle Alexander married Evangelia Atzemis and uncle Max married Katina Koutsoukis. All my Agapitos cousins and both my sisters live in Sydney. Mum and I are the only ones in the family that now live in Perth. I didn't realise that my grandfather's brothers family all lived in Perth also.

The Galettis Family in Castellorizo

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Photograph courtesy Panyiota Manifis

Mum talks of the Galettis family........Of the Galettis family, Helen came to Australia first, she married George Coufos in Sydney. George had a fish shop in William Street Sydney and later had oyster beds. Helen helped to bring her family over. Bill would have been next, he married Anna Agamemnonos (or Comninos) in Sydney. Bill was a tailor. On the way through to Sydney from Castellorizo they all visited my family in Perth. Maria went to America, she had married an Arthur Comninos. When her husband died, about twenty years ago, she came out to Sydney. Spiro and John came over together, followed by Max. They all went to Sydney. Spiro married Anastasia Alagotis in Sydney and John married a Perth girl, Eva Stavrianos, here in WA. Her family came from Newcastle Street. Max married Magdaline Simeon, who was also from Perth.

Wedding John Galettis to Eva Stavrianos Perth Western Australia

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Photograph courtesy Allan Cresswell

Maria Comninos (nee Galettis)

Photograph Courtesy Allan Cresswell

And from my mother again........I could be wrong but I thought all the Galettis boys were tailors. Your Aunty Betty came to Australia and lived with her sister, Helen in Sydney. She then married Basil Manifis who was from Perth. They were married in Perth. You went to Aunty Betty’s wedding as did all the Karasavas family. Basil had a few fruit shops around Perth, they lived in Newcastle Street. My Aunty Rose Galettis did not come out until after the war because my Uncle Tsicos Galettis was so ill and they wouldn’t pass him medically to come here. He died in Rhodes, he was 18 years older than his wife. Another Galettis son, Lazarus, never married. Not one of the Galettis boys or girls married in Castellorizo. They all married in either Sydney or Perth except for Maria who was married in America. Aunty Rose died in Sydney in 1962 whilst we were all on holidays over there. When we arrived in January 1962 I rang her to tell her of our surprise visit and that we were at Mascot with Spiro and Angela. She was so excited with the prosect of meeting me after so many years. Next day I was told by the family that she had died in church during the Sunday service.

Basil Manifis

Photograph Courtesy Allan Cresswell

From Aunty Betty Manifis (nee Galettis) on the Agaptos family ..... Alexander died in 1991, he was married to Evangelia Atzemis. Malaxos Agapitos was married to Katina Koutsoukis. He came to Australia in 1947. Alexander’s children are, Anastasia and Maria. Malaxos had Michael, John and Anastasia.

From Aunty Marou Georgis (nee Tsolakis) ...... My mother came to Australia with my sisters and brothers, my father had already died in Castellorizo. I married George Georgis, my sister Dialekti married Jim Scopelitis, Despina married Paul Sertis, Rose married Peter Kailis, Michael married Lola Simeon and Anastasis married Irene Simeon. I had two girls and a boy, Despina three girls and a boy, Rose had one son, Michael’s wife one girl and two sons and Anastasis’ wife one girl and three boys, including twins. They all live here in Perth.